Marisof-Indústria de Malhas Têxteis Unipessoal, Lda presents itself in the market as a company that is differentiated from others by its unique and innovative articles, which include a wide range of laces, nets and tulle.

With our diversified range of looms (Ketten and Raschel) we can produce a wide range of articles.

We have been accumulating a vast and qualified knowledge through numerous articles production, which together with a constant updating of the new market trends, allows us to offer a satisfactory response to the different requests of our clients.

We comply with the regulatory standards of the textile industry.

Our products comply with the "Reach" and "Oeko-Tex Standard 100, Class I products" rules.

Marisof is a licensed supplier by SUPIMA®, which is a registered trademark of the best cottons produced in the world.

Notícias e Artigos

SUPIMA® - Pima cotton

SUPIMA® - Pima cotton


Marisof is now included on Supima’s Authorized Supplier directory (, which makes Marisof a supplier licensed  by Supima, that uses the world's finest cotton in your licensed products.

SUPIMA® is a trademark name for the finest cottons produced in the world (extra-long staple Pima cotton grown exclusively in the American west and southwest).

The yarns and fabrics made from SUPIMA cotton produce softer, silkier and more lustrous fabrics.




It is already possible to develop meshes through recycled yarns.

Marisof already has a collection of 100% recycled yarns and it is also possible to manufacture our references with the same yarn.

Check it out now.


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